When Not Being Seen is the Ultimate Goal.


Backstage — it’s where the artistic vision first comes to life.

The careful planning, the heavy lifting, the teamwork. The rigors of construction, the nuances of technology, the pressure of last-minute adjustments. This is your stagecraft, and you love it. To do your job well, you’ve got to have high-quality, durable workwear. Apparel that makes you invisible to the audience—because while your work touches a poignant chord in the audience, the technician must never be seen. We carry top-of-the-line brand clothing and gear that you can count on, show after show that blends seamlessly into the background. Stage Hands Clothing is the one-stop shop for back stage professionals who, like our products, are always working hard behind the scenes.



Need clothing to withstand the rigors of rigging? Shirts, shorts and pants that standup to the set and strike?
Our line of clothing supports price-points for every budget. Our curated selection of items are predominantly USA and Union sourced.


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Whether you represent a production company, academic institution, a theater of any size or a union from across the country, we want to outfit your entire team and at the right price. Contact us to get started.


We provide bulk branded apparel and industry-specific tools and promotional swag. Put your company logo on gifts and gear, promotional items, giveaways, special events & more. Check out our line of customizable swag! If you imagine it, we can brand it. From pens to water bottles, backpacks to tool bags, we got it.

Whether you work in staging, film, production or catering we’ve got you covered. If you don’t see what you want, Contact Us. The possibilities are endless.


Responsibly sourced, all black clothing, so durable you can treat them badly and still look great on the job. Peer recommended and tested gear, all specially selected to withstand the unique demands of being a backstage professional.
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