Blåkläder Service Stretch Pants


Modern service trouser in a light but durable material with fast drying features – which makes the trousers ideal for work indoors, or outdoors in warm weather. The model has narrower fit, elastic waist and pre-curved knees for increased comfort.

For optimal ability to move, the trousers have stretch panels in carefully selected places, such as the bottom, knees and in the crotch. The trousers have a pen and knife pocket adapted for the right- and left-handed, a leg pocket with an inside pocket in mesh for the mobile phone, as well as the extension option at the leg hem.


65% polyester, 35% cotton


Stretch panel in the crotch, on the knee and back
Women’s cut, Pre-bent knees


Plastic zipper fly
Elastic at waistline, D ring in waistline


Leg pockets with bellow, zipper, pen pocket and knife pocket
Inset pockets
Inner telephone pocket
Inner ruler pocket


Extension feature at bottom

Swedish company owns their own factories in Sri Lanka and Vietnam

Size: Measure at your true waist (belly button) to get the right size.

**Be sure to include the Knee Pads the fit into these pants with your order.

See the Gear Page for details.

Basic Kneepads BLK401812009900

Foam Kneepads BLK401112009900

Gel Kneepads  BLK401200009900

Knee Pads Red/Black BLK404812039956


SKU: BLK715918459900 Category:

Size 0 (C32), Size 2 (C34), Size 4 / 28W X 31L (C36), Size 6 / 30W X 31L (C38), Size 8 / 31W X 31.5L (C40), Size 10 / 33W X 32L (C42), Size 12 / 34W X 32L (C44), Size 14 / 36W X 32.5L (C46), Size 16 / 37W X 32.5L (C48), Size 18 (C50)

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