Gig Gear: Original Onyx Gloves


Gig Gloves ONYX: the all black version of the Original Gig Gloves.


Gig Gloves are the best way to protect your most valuable asset on any gig, job or show – your hands. Sometimes, your role is to support the performance not be a part of it. Not only are you not on stage but you’re not supposed to be seen at all. Or maybe you prefer the discreet look of all black like most crew members.


Gig Gloves ONYX include all of the same great features that made the Original Gig Gloves a consumer favorite but are geared towards live event, theater, film and production crew members who need or prefer to be discreet or invisible. Gig Gloves ONYX are truly “completely black” unlike other black work gloves that unhelpfully include logos or external tags that are brightly colored and stand out. “Sharpie-ing out” work gloves is no longer necessary for backstage crews.


Gig Gloves ONYX include some new design features including: clips to allow for securing the gloves together or to a keychain; new, stronger nylon threading throughout the gloves; a redesigned removable fingertip that does not expose the fingers underneath. There is no compromise between hand safety and the ability to perform any task. Gig Gloves ONYX go the extra mile and allow professionals to keep their hands protected and fully usable for all tasks while still allowing the user to remain invisible to audiences in live production environments.

USA based company, Manufactured in China

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XSmall: 6.5"-7", S, 7"-7.5", Medium: 7.5" – 8", Large: 8" – 8.5", XLarge: 8.5"- 9.5", XXLarge: 9.5" – 11"

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