Stage Hands Clothing holds a deep value and passion for the rights of others. We care about where products are made and who makes them.  We work very hard to find a balance between supporting American owned companies, identifying American manufactured goods, offering union made options, and providing input from experienced and knowledgeable current backstage professionals.


To meet these goals, we created a coding system to educate the consumer. It is important to Stage Hands Clothing that the customer is able to make the most educated decision concerning the products they buy.

We work hard to identify products from USA companies first.  Additionally, when tradespeople have a favorite product, not produced in the USA, Stage Hands Clothing will selectively sell these items.  We do our best to label our products so you can make the most educated choices.  When it comes to your workwear and gear, we strive to ensure you will be the most knowledgeable consumer and prepared stage hand on the site.

USA Based Company: Company is located (or headquartered) in America;

Made in America: Product is manufactured in the USA;

Union Made: The shop that created the product has a unionized team;

Field Expert Recommended: Experts currently working in the field recommend the product and feel it has helped them to deliver their personal best.